Altruist and Seeds Forge a Powerful Partnership to Transform Financial Advisory Services

Social Leverage is thrilled to share an exciting development from two key players in the financial services industry: Seeds, a Fund IV investment and Altruist. 

This newly announced partnership marks a significant step toward modernizing the way financial advisory services are delivered.

What the Partnership Means:

Altruist and Seeds are joining forces to empower financial advisors with a deeper understanding of their clients and advanced automation. This collaboration enables advisors to assess clients on a profound level, create custom portfolios in Altruist accounts, and provide investors with meaningful portfolio insights.

Seeds, founded by former financial advisors, is dedicated to offering a more personable investing experience. They equip advisors with tools to better understand investor behaviors, values, and interests, resulting in tailored investment strategies, all within a single digital solution.

Altruist, on the other hand, is a leader in the financial custodian space, offering a fully-integrated digital brokerage platform for financial advisors. They combine a self-clearing brokerage with software for account opening, trading, reporting, and billing to create an all-in-one investment platform for financial advisors.

Exclusive Access for Altruist Advisors:

The strategic partnership between Altruist and Seeds provides Altruist advisors with exclusive access to the Seeds platform. This access allows advisors to gain a three-dimensional understanding of investors and recommend personalized portfolios. These proposed strategies can then be seamlessly implemented using the Altruist Model Marketplace.

Benefits for Advisors:

By merging personalized portfolio construction with automation at scale, advisors can streamline their day-to-day operations. They'll spend less time on administrative tasks and more time focusing on what they do best: offering exceptional, personalized financial advice.

Seeds is committed to staying at the forefront of industry innovations, ensuring advisors have access to modern, seamless financial management tools that meet the expectations of their clients.

For those interested in learning more about this powerful partnership, Altruist and Seeds are hosting a live webinar scheduled for November 15th. Zach Conway, Founder and CEO of Seeds, will provide insights into how this partnership empowers advisors to make investing more meaningful, intentional, and personal.