Equabli Secures $3.35M Funding Round Led by Social Leverage

I am pleased to announce that Social Leverage has proudly led Equabli's most recent funding round, securing an additional $3.35 million in capital with participation from BankTech Ventures and Cross River Digital Ventures, bringing their total funding to $6.35 million. 

Equabli is a leading financial technology company dedicated to modernizing and optimizing debt recovery for lenders and borrowers. Their Recovery as a Service platform is a solution that acts as the industry's central hub for intelligent debt recovery. It offers clients a curated value chain of technology, analytics, and a multi-channel network of integrated recovery providers, all managed and overseen by Equabli's team. Gone are the days of piecemealed solutions and suboptimal results; Equabli offers a comprehensive, optimized, and compliant recovery process, making it the go-to solution for financial service institutions seeking efficiency and excellence in debt management.

At Social Leverage, we are particularly enthusiastic about continuing to partner with Equabli on this transformative journey. Equabli's team possesses world-class knowledge in collections and recovery, and they are leveraging this expertise to revolutionize the credit lifecycle using new technology and services.  

The newly raised funds will play a vital role in propelling Equabli towards its strategic objectives, including product development, market expansion, and talent acquisition. Equabli is committed to continuously enhancing its innovative debt recovery products and services, ensuring that it maintains its position as a market leader, and continues delivering exceptional value to their clients.

At Social Leverage, we are proud to be part of Equabli's journey and are excited to support their continued growth and success. We believe that Equabli's innovative approach to debt recovery will revolutionize the industry and create new opportunities for lenders and borrowers alike.

For more information about Equabli, visit www.equabli.com.