Pro Platforms Construct CRM Emerges from Stealth Mode

Pro Platforms Inc. (Social Leverage Fund IV) just emerged from stealth mode with the launch of their Construct CRM platform for contractors. The company expects to assist with over $100 million in home improvement projects by the end of the year. Contractors across all 50 states and in 30 plus trades like HVAC, roofing, and remodeling are already using the platform.

Construct CRM is the first truly one-size-fits all home improvement contractor operating system. The platform’s automated features eliminate over 20 percent of the manual processing time, saving thousands per employee per year. And Construct CRM is the most affordable solution on the market at just $999 per year. In addition, contractors can connect to QuickBooks and give past due customers the ability to finance their receivables using same-day zero dealer fee lenders. 

Plans are underway to expand the platform later this year with free treasury management and payment processing to improve cash flow for contractors, and in June, the company will launch its third product, Homepro Pay – a treasury management service that provides cashback on certain business expenses that instantly increases contractor profit margins. 

I invested in Pro Platforms because of the team’s passion for the business in every interaction I’ve had with them. Not only do they have the premier solution for a huge addressable market, less than 10 percent of the nearly 3.7 millions contractors are using any sort of CRM software,  but the team is  incredibly motivated. Their instincts for building and scaling are unmatched. The team’s vision and execution is revolutionizing the home improvement industry – bringing best-in-class technology to a market that has been woefully underserved.