Seeds Raises an Additional $2 Million in Funding

I am thrilled to announce that Social Leverage has participated in Seeds' additional $2 million in funding, which was led by Blank Ventures and included further participation from The Compound Capital Fund I, the affiliated venture arm of Ritholtz Wealth Management.

With our thesis on the future of wealth management, we at Social Leverage instantly aligned and understood the problem that the team at Seeds is taking on.

They recognized that many clients are dissatisfied with the traditional assembly-line approach adopted by financial advisors. Investors today find themselves longing for a more personalized and profound experience, as they grow increasingly dissatisfied with the prevalence of generic assessments, cookie-cutter portfolios, and superficial insights. Recognizing this unmet need, there is a resolute determination to redefine the investment process and pave the way for a future where advisors can deliver a truly immersive and transformative investing journey.

Seeds offers a comprehensive digital experience that empowers advisors to gain a deeper understanding of investors' needs, behaviors, and values. By leveraging Seeds platform, advisors can seamlessly automate the creation of personalized portfolios that align perfectly with each investor's unique preferences. Additionally, Seeds facilitates the delivery of tailored portfolio insights, enabling advisors to engage with clients on a more meaningful level.

The benefits of Seeds go beyond enhanced personalization. Advisors who use this platform gain a competitive advantage. Additionally, the streamlined onboarding process ensures that advisors can quickly bring new clients into their portfolios. This, in turn, allows them to capture a larger share of the wallet and build deeper, longer-lasting relationships with their clients as they progress through their financial journeys.

The $2 million of fresh capital will accelerate Seeds product development, allowing them to further cater to the evolving needs of the advisors they serve.

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