Social Leverage Announces Successful Seed Funding Round for Archive Intel

We are excited to announce that Social Leverage has led a $1 million seed funding round for Archive Intel, a provider of AI-driven communications archiving and compliance solutions. 

Launched last month, Archive Intel has quickly distinguished itself by integrating with iMessage, bolstering compliance capabilities for financial advisors. This addition is particularly crucial, given the historical challenges and substantial fines associated with the improper archiving of iMessage and WhatsApp communications within the industry.

The introduction of Archive Intel's platform comes at a pivotal time. The financial services industry has faced over $2.7 billion in fines due to non-compliance issues related to communication archiving. Archive Intel's comprehensive solution, which includes managing emails, social media, messaging platforms, and websites, not only meets a pressing market need but also offers substantial efficiency gains for compliance teams.

Having spent the first half of my career at WorldQuant and Third Point, archiving and compliance were always top of mind. When Larry and his team explained their vision and what they’re building, I instantly understood the size of the problem they’re addressing.

With the support of Social Leverage, Archive Intel plans to expand its communication connections, enhance its AI functionalities, and add necessary resources to foster further growth. The firm's ability to integrate directly with iMessage allows financial advisors to continue using one of their primary communication tools without the need to switch numbers or platforms, streamlining the compliance process.

At Social Leverage, we are excited to support Archive Intel as they lead the charge in transforming how financial firms handle compliance. Their innovative platform promises to make compliance a more intuitive and straightforward process, ensuring firms can meet their regulatory obligations effortlessly.

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